The Elder Scrolls Online: Storyline Skill Point Quests – Valley of Blades

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Main Quest – Level 35

Valley of Blades
Quest Giver: The Prophet
Location(s): The Valley of Blades, Ancestral Crypt
Reward: Sword Saint’s Choker + 1 Skill Point
Required Level: 35

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Sai Sahan in the Harborage.
  2. Talk to Sai Sahan in the Valley of the Blades.
  3. Find Kasura.
  4. Destroy the three sigil stones.
  5. Defeat the titan.
  6. Talk to Kasura.
  7. Enter the Ancestral Crypt.
  8. Talk to Sai Sahan.
  9. Retrieve the Ring of Stendarr’s Mercy.
  10. Talk to Kasura.
  11. Defeat the enemies.
  12. Talk to Sai Sahan.
  13. Talk to the Prophet in The Harborage.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Once you reach level 35 and are close to a major city, the Prophet appears.

“It is time, Vestige. Sai Sahan’s strength has returned. You must accompany him to his ancestral home in the Valley of the Blades.”

The Valley of the Blades?

“An ancient trading hub, high in the mountains of Hammerfell; a place I thought lost to the ravages of time. Sai Sahan entrusted the key to Sancre Tor to one of his mentors there. It must be retrieved.”

The Harborage
You need to speak to Sai Sahan in the Harborage. However, Varen Aquilarios can tell you more information about the key—it actually isn’t a key at all. It is an enchanted ring bearing Stendarr’s sigil. You, Lyris Titanborn, and Abnur Tharn will accompany Sai Sahan to his mentor, Kasura.

Sai Sahan will go over the basics. He thinks sending all four of you is unnecessary since the Valley of the Blades is a peaceful place. You can ask him more about Kasura, and tell him when you are ready to leave. He says Kasura still teaches swordsmanship through the balance of “body, blade, and brilliance”.

Journey to the Valley of the Blades
Talk to Sai Sahan after your journey through the portal. He says the way in is blocked by a landslide.

Follow the path south; there is no other way. As you turn the corner and descend into the valley, you see a crumbling, burning ruin—the abbey. As the group speculates about what could have done this kind of damage (Tharn suggests keeping “an eye skyward”), Sai Sahan rushes into the ruins looking for his mentor.

The Missing Mentor
Sai Sahan runs into the center of the ruin, calling Kasura’s name. She steps out from behind one of the pillars in the center of the area.

“Kasura! Are you injured? What happened?”

“Sai Sahan! Intruders…cultists…they attacked the abbey…A gigantic beast…like nothing I’ve seen before. The cultists…they’re opening portals to Oblivion!”

Destroying the Sigil Stones
After Sai Sahan finishes talking to Kasura, you have to destroy three sigil stones. They are equally spaced around the area. However, after you approach any one of them, Mannimarco summons Daedric minions to destroy Molag Bal’s enemies. He will say something new each time you touch a sigil stone.

After destroying the last sigil stone, the titan returns. Defeat the great Daedric beast.

The Long Task Ahead
“The day is ours, my friends, but Kasura and her people have a long task ahead of them if they are to rebuild the abbey.”

Talk to Kasura. She thinks Mannimarco will return for the ring of Stendarr’s Mercy soon, so you must act quickly. The ring is inside the Ancestral Crypt, at the top of the eastern stairs.

The Ring of Stendarr’s Mercy
Talk to Sai Sahan inside the crypt. He feels responsible for the valley’s destruction, but he focuses on retrieving his father’s greatsword and the ring, which are buried together.

You and Sai Sahan enter the room at the top of the stairs at the end of the crypt. You take the ring from the chest, then talk to Kasura.

She will stay in the valley and rebuild, but the ring is yours. You need to return to the Harborage quickly.

“I knew you would lead me to the ring eventually. Give it to me!”

“Your presence defiles this place, Mannimarco!” —Sai Sahan

“Give me the ring and I might spare your pathetic lives!”

“We struck down your Titan and we’ll strike you down soon enough!” —Lyris Titanborn

He raises the skeletons of Sai Sahan’s ancestors and some of the most powerful bladesmasters.

Defeat the enemies, then talk to Sai Sahan. He says you need to give the ring to Varen until it is time to travel to Sancre Tor. He and Lyris Titanborn will stay behind for a while to help Kasura. You and Tharn leave the crypt through Varen’s portal.

Talk to the Prophet in the Harborage to complete the quest and receive your reward: some gold, an amulet and a skill point.

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