The Elder Scrolls Online: Weapon Critical

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Weapon Critical Weapon Critical

Potion description: Grants you Major Savagery which gives you 2191 Weapon Critical Rating for [X] seconds. (45 second cooldown)
Poison description: Inflicts Minor Enervation to your target and grants you Minor Savagery, reducing their Critical Damage by 12% and increasing your Weapon Critical by 657 for [X] seconds. (10 second cooldown)

The Weapon Critical effect increases the chance of scoring a Critical Hit with Physical Attacks for a short time. Or in a Poison, it reduces the Damage from your target’s Critical Hits (with both Magical Attacks and Physical Attacks), while also increasing your chance of Critical Hits with Physical Attacks by a lesser degree. Its opposing effect is EnervationEnervation.



Solvent Level Potion Duration Triple Duration
Natural Water 3 Sip of Weapon CritSip of Weapon Crit 10.5 14.5
Clear Water 10 Tincture of Weapon CritTincture of Weapon Crit 13.1 17.1
Pristine Water 20 Dram of Weapon CritDram of Weapon Crit 16.8 20.8
Cleansed Water 30 Potion of Weapon CritPotion of Weapon Crit 20.6 24.6
Filtered Water 40 Solution of Weapon CritSolution of Weapon Crit 24.3 28.3
Purified Water Champion Points10 Elixir of Weapon CritElixir of Weapon Crit 28.8 32.8
Cloud Mist Champion Points50 Panacea of Weapon CritPanacea of Weapon Crit 31.0 35.0
Star Dew Champion Points100 Distillate of Weapon CritDistillate of Weapon Crit 34.0 38.0
Lorkhan’s Tears Champion Points150 Essence of Weapon CritEssence of Weapon Crit 36.6 40.6
Solvent Level Poison Duration Triple Duration
Grease 3 Savagery-Draining Poison ISavagery-Draining Poison I 1.2 1.7
Ichor 10 Savagery-Draining Poison IISavagery-Draining Poison II 1.9 2.4
Slime 20 Savagery-Draining Poison IIISavagery-Draining Poison III 2.6 3.1
Gall 30 Savagery-Draining Poison IVSavagery-Draining Poison IV 3.3 3.8
Terebinthine 40 Savagery-Draining Poison VSavagery-Draining Poison V 4.0 4.5
Pitch-Bile Champion Points10 Savagery-Draining Poison VISavagery-Draining Poison VI 4.4 4.9
Tarblack Champion Points50 Savagery-Draining Poison VIISavagery-Draining Poison VII 4.9 5.4
Night-Oil Champion Points100 Savagery-Draining Poison VIIISavagery-Draining Poison VIII 5.5 6.0
Alkahest Champion Points150 Savagery-Draining Poison IXSavagery-Draining Poison IX 5.8 6.0


Triple Effect
Dragonthorn Water Hyacinth Wormwood
Two Effects
Ingredients Second Effect
Dragonthorn Water Hyacinth Blue Entoloma Restore HealthRestore Health
Dragonthorn Water Hyacinth Bugloss Restore HealthRestore Health
Dragonthorn Water Hyacinth Butterfly Wing Restore HealthRestore Health
Dragonthorn Water Hyacinth Emetic Russula EntrapmentEntrapment
Dragonthorn Water Hyacinth Lady’s Smock Spell CriticalSpell Critical
Dragonthorn Water Hyacinth Luminous Russula Restore HealthRestore Health
Dragonthorn Water Hyacinth Namira’s Rot Spell CriticalSpell Critical
Dragonthorn Wormwood Corn Flower DetectionDetection
Dragonthorn Wormwood Luminous Russula HindranceHindrance
Dragonthorn Wormwood Mountain Flower Restore StaminaRestore Stamina
Dragonthorn Wormwood Namira’s Rot UnstoppableUnstoppable
Dragonthorn Wormwood Spider Egg HindranceHindrance
Dragonthorn Wormwood White Cap DetectionDetection
Water Hyacinth Wormwood Blue Entoloma Restore HealthRestore Health
Water Hyacinth Wormwood Bugloss Restore HealthRestore Health
Water Hyacinth Wormwood Butterfly Wing Restore HealthRestore Health
Water Hyacinth Wormwood Columbine Restore HealthRestore Health
Water Hyacinth Wormwood Corn Flower DetectionDetection
Water Hyacinth Wormwood Lady’s Smock Spell CriticalSpell Critical
Water Hyacinth Wormwood Mountain Flower Restore HealthRestore Health
Water Hyacinth Wormwood Namira’s Rot Spell CriticalSpell Critical
Water Hyacinth Wormwood Spider Egg HindranceHindrance
Water Hyacinth Wormwood White Cap DetectionDetection
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