The Elder Scrolls Online: Yew Weapons

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Woodworking Materials
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This is a listing of all standard Yew Weapons in the game. They can be crafted via Woodworking from Sanded Yew obtained by refining raw wood samples collected from Yew logs. The listed armor values assume that the character is Level 50 Champion Points160; lower level characters may see higher values.

  • Destruction Staves come in three varieties, “Inferno”, “Ice”, and “Lightning”. The values are identical. The only difference is the type of elemental damage they do, Flame Damage, Frost Damage, and Shock Damage respectively, and the secondary effects caused by certain skills. Restoration Staves also have the same values, but do Magic Damage and use a their own skill tree.
Type Level Damage Materials
Base Fine Superior Epic Legendary
Yew Bow 46 727 763 799 834 870 7 Sanded Yew
48 751 787 822 858 894 8 Sanded Yew
50 775 810 846 882 918 9 Sanded Yew
Yew [Type] Staff 46 727 763 799 834 870 7 Sanded Yew
48 751 787 822 858 894 8 Sanded Yew
50 775 810 846 882 918 9 Sanded Yew
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