The Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Stations

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Crafting Stations by Faction
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Aldmeri Dominion
Set Name Traits Needed Zone Crafting Site
Ashen Grip 2 Auridon Beacon Falls
Death’s Wind 2 Eastshore Islets Camp
Night’s Silence 2 Hightide Keep
Armor of the Seducer 3 Grahtwood Temple of the Eight
Torug’s Pact 3 Fisherman’s Isle
Twilight’s Embrace 3 Vineshade Lodge
Hist Bark 4 Greenshade Rootwatch Tower
Magnus’ Gift 4 Arananga
Whitestrake’s Retribution 4 Lanalda Pond
Alessia’s Bulwark 5 Malabal Tor Chancel of Divine Entreaty
Song of Lamae 5 Sleepy Senche Overlook
Vampire’s Kiss 5 Matthild’s Last Venture
Hunding’s Rage 6 Reaper’s March Broken Arch
Night Mother’s Gaze 6 Old Town Cavern
Willow’s Path 6 Greenspeaker’s Grove

Daggerfall Covenant
Set Name Traits Needed Zone Crafting Site
Ashen Grip 2 Glenumbra Par Molag
Death’s Wind 2 Chill House
Night’s Silence 2 Mesanthano’s Tower
Armor of the Seducer 3 Stormhaven Fisherman’s Island
Torug’s Pact 3 Hammerdeath Workshop
Twilight’s Embrace 3 Windridge Warehouse
Hist Bark 4 Rivenspire Trader’s Rest
Magnus’ Gift 4 Veawend Ede
Whitestrake’s Retribution 4 Westwind Lighthouse
Alessia’s Bulwark 5 Alik’r Desert Alezer Kotu
Song of Lamae 5 Rkulftzel
Vampire’s Kiss 5 Artisan’s Oasis
Hunding’s Rage 6 Bangkorai Wether’s Cleft
Night Mother’s Gaze 6 Silaseli Ruins
Willow’s Path 6 Viridian Hideaway
Ebonheart Pact
Set Name Traits Needed Zone Crafting Site
Ashen Grip 2 Stonefalls Magmaflow Overlook
Death’s Wind 2 Armature’s Upheaval
Night’s Silence 2 Steamfont Cavern
Armor of the Seducer 3 Deshaan Berezan’s Mine
Torug’s Pact 3 Lake Hlaalu Retreat
Twilight’s Embrace 3 Avayan’s Farm
Hist Bark 4 Shadowfen Hatchling’s Crown
Magnus’ Gift 4 Xal Haj-Ei Shrine
Whitestrake’s Retribution 4 Weeping Wamasu Falls
Alessia’s Bulwark 5 Eastmarch Hammerhome
Song of Lamae 5 Tinkerer Tobin’s Workshop
Vampire’s Kiss 5 Crimson Kada’s Crafting Cavern
Hunding’s Rage 6 The Rift Trollslayer’s Gully
Night Mother’s Gaze 6 Eldbjorg’s Hideaway
Willow’s Path 6 Smokefrost Vigil
Set Name Traits Needed Zone Crafting Site
Innate Axiom 2 Clockwork City The Refurbishing Yard
Fortified Brass 4 Restricted Brassworks
Mechanical Acuity 6 Pavilion of Artifice
Oblivion’s Foe 8 Coldharbour Font of Schemes
Spectre’s Eye 8 Deathspinner’s Lair
Kagrenac’s Hope 8 The Earth Forge The Earth Forge
Orgnum’s Scales 8 Pressure Room III
Eyes of Mara 8 Eyevea Mara’s Eye Manufactory
Shalidor’s Curse 8 Shalidor’s Cursed Manufactory
Way of the Arena 8 Craglorn Lanista’s Waystation
Twice-Born Star 9 Atelier of the Twice-Born Star
Noble’s Conquest 5 Imperial City Nobles Armory
Redistributor 7 Arboretum Armory
Armor Master 9 Memorial Armory
Law of Julianos 6 Wrothgar Boreal Forge
Morkuldin 9 Morkuldin Forge
Trial by Fire 3 Malacath Statue
Clever Alchemist 7 Hew’s Bane No Shira Workshop
Eternal Hunt 9 The Lost Pavilion
Tava’s Favor 5 Forebear’s Junction
Kvatch Gladiator 5 Gold Coast Marja’s Mill
Pelinal’s Aptitude 9 Colovian Revolt Forge Yard
Varen’s Legacy 7 Strid River Artisan’s Camp
Assassin’s Guile 3 Vvardenfell Marandus
Daedric Trickery 8 Randas Ancestral Tomb
Shacklebreaker 6 Zergonipal
Nocturnal’s Favor 9 Summerset Augury Basin
Adept Rider 3 Shimmerene Dockworks
Sload’s Semblance 6 Artaeum Artaeum Craftworks
Naga Shaman 2 Murkmire Deep Swamp Forge
Might of the Lost Legion 4 Ruined Village
Grave-Stake Collector 7 Sweet Breeze Overlook

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