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Hel Ra Citadel
RequirementsGroup SetupHel Ra Citadel EntranceRa KotuYokeda Rok'dun (Leftside)Yokeda Kai (Rightside)The Warrior

When the warriors of the Ra Gada came to the shores of Hammerfell, some of the fiercest cohorts marched far inland in search of domains to claim. Hel Ra was one of the easternmost of these domains, but its gates were sealed long ago.

Hel Ra Citadel is an ancient Yokudan fortress in southwestern Craglorn.

Hel Ra Citadel

Craglorn: Hel Ra Citadel

Craglorn: Hel Ra Citadel

Craglorn: Hel Ra Citadel - Warriors Chamber

Hel Ra Citadel Guide

– Requirements –
All Members:
18K+ HP
Appropriate Gear
Food Buffs
Potions (Weapon/Spell Crit or Power preferred)
At Least 10 Soul Gems

Veil of Blades

Suppression Field

Solar Prison

10K+ single target sustained DPS on a trials boss.

Required Spells for Party (Only one member needs):
Rapid Maneuvers
Elemental Drain
Aggressive Warhorn
1 Healer: Siphon Spirit

– Hel Ra Citadel Group Setup –

Group Setup:
1 Tank
2 Healers

1 Tank
1 Healer

1 Healer
5 DPS (interrupt skills preferred, but bashing also works)

The right group DPS will be assigned as follows for the 2nd boss fight:

Far Left
Middle Left
Middle Right
Far Right

– Hel Ra Entrance –

Enter the trial and immediately cast rapid maneuvers. All trials members will ride their horses to the bridge. Stop halfway across. As soon as the group is caught up, we start the first pull. The tank will be in front. Everyone will move together from the bridge to the first set of stairs. Healers will heal the group and DPS will use AoE. Once the group reaches the bottom of the stairs, clear out the rest of the mobs.

The trials leader will then move the group to the top of the stairs to start the next AoE pull. Stay close together and AoE. As soon as the last mobs are down, fire mages will spawn. Take them out quickly. If you see fire above the head of a mage, interrupt or bash as soon as possible. As soon as the last mob is down, the tank will move to the left of the door. The rest of the trials group will move to the right of the door.

– Ra Kotu –

The boss is an air atronach. He brings a number of adds out with him. The tank should immediately taunt the boss and pull him over by the tree. The tree is on the left side of the door. Hold the boss to the immediate right side of the tree. The rest of the group will take out the adds as quickly as possible, and then spread out. His main attacks are cyclones he throws out. You will see red circles on the ground. If one is on you, move forward or backward to avoid it. Do not move left or right. Do not drag a circle on another member of the trials group. He also has an attack up close signaled by a red circle. At about 30-35%, he will start to spin rapidly. Melee need to back away from the boss, because he is about to cast a large attack. It will one shot you. He will repeat this once more during the execute phase.

After this fight, the trials group splits into the two groups.

Left Group
Wait outside the open gate. There should be 6 people in this group. 1 tank, 1 healer, and 4 DPS. As soon as both sides are ready, crouch and enter the gate together. If you do not enter the gate as a group, the gate could close, leaving people stuck outside. Stay in stealth, but quickly move up to the first gate. Wait for the right group. Stay in stealth.

The right group leader will call out that they are pulling the lever. As soon as they do that, quickly move up to the next gate while remaining in stealth. Wait for the right group.

The right group leader will call out that they are pulling the lever. Enter the gate and run to the right. There is a closed door. Stack up and prepare to AoE. As soon as the door opens, drop your AoE ultimates if you have them. AoE the mobs down. More mobs will start spawning around the area. Try to stay close together so that you can AoE. Interrupt the flame casters when you see them. Do not stand behind Welwas. They have a back kick that hits very hard. The healer should save Nova for the 4th wave.

– Yokeda Rok’dun (Leftside) –

The second boss spawns on the 5th wave. There are also welwas that spawn. The tank should taunt the welwas. Pull them away from the boss. They have a back kick that can one shot the DPS. Keep the welwas away from the group no matter what. The DPS should focus on the boss. His most damaging attack is a flame attack, so look out for it. It is a ground based AoE that you have to move quickly to avoid. The healer will have to use heavy heals on the melee. The tank may also need shards or other stamina regeneration during this fight. As soon as the boss is down, you can open the gate to leave the area. Turn right and head for the statue near the edge of the cliff. DO NOT BLOW THE HORN.

Right Group
The group stacks up near the door which is closed. All members will make sure their ultimates are ready for the start of the 2nd boss fight. As soon as the right group enters their gate, the door will open and mobs will come out. Immediately roll-dodge in. The door will close behind the group, trapping some mobs outside. Clear out the remaining mobs. Some more will come down the stairs. Clear them out as well. Run up the stairs. Pull the lever to open the gate for the left group.

Keep moving up the stairs, clear out the mobs while you move. When you get to the 2nd lever, pull it to open the gate for the left side. Move up the stairs to the catapults. Clear all the mobs and destroy the catapults. Do your best not to pull the gargoyles. Move to the next room.

In the next room, clear out all the mobs. This will start the 2nd boss fight.

– Yokeda Kai (Rightside) –

As soon as the door opens, throw down all ultis on the boss. This fight is difficult at first, but very easy once you get the hang of it. This fight is all about managing the boss.

The boss is a flame caster. When flame pops up over his head, interrupt him. Interrupting is the top priority for all DPS. At regular intervals, the boss splits into 4, when that happens:

The DPS assigned to Far Left takes the mob to the Far Left (closest to the door where the boss entered).

Middle left takes the add on the left hand side of the middle. And so on.

The DPS assigned to float is there as a backup. If someone goes down, he or she will immediately take over.

Once your mob goes down, move to the next one.

Once again, interrupts are the top priority. As soon as you see the flames over the head of your mob interrupt it. If you miss an interrupt, at least 1 person in the group will likely die. The whole group can easily wipe.

Repeat until the fight is over.

At this point you can open the gate. Drop down and run to the opposite end of the area. You are looking for the statue on the edge of the cliff. DO NOT BLOW THE HORN.

If anyone needs the horn achievement, the entire group will stack up right next to the statue in stealth.

To get the horn achievement, do the following (more than 1 person can do this if they do it at the same time): Walk up to the horn in stealth. Blow the horn. As soon as you are done, you will automatically go back into stealth. Move back to the group. Hopefully the big group of mobs will not aggro.

Once the horn achievement is done, it’s time to take care of the large group of mobs. Stick together as a group. Thrown AoE down right in the middle of the main group (there is a secondary group on the stairs). Use mitigation (Nova, Veil or Suppression Field) to reduce damage. It’s also effective to have the tank pull the gargoyles away from the group. During this large AoE, it’s important to keep an eye on the back group. There are some flame casters that need to be interrupted. As soon as the main group is under control, work to the stairs, AoE, and use mitigation to protect the group.

– The Warrior –

The Warrior is the last fight in the trial. It is DPS race that turns into a mechanic based fight. For the second phase of the fight, there needs to be an ultimate rotation made up of Nova, Barrier, Veil of Blades, and Suppression Field. Generally 1 Nova or a combination of 2 other ultis will work for each slot in the rotation. The trials leader will set it up.

As soon as you enter the Warrior’s room, you will see him on a pedestal. Move off to the right. You will notice a blue circle on the ground. Standing in the circle increases your damage output. There is yellow circle on the other side of the room that increases your health recovery. No one uses the yellow circle.

When the group is ready, the tank will pull the boss and taunt him. Be careful not to over taunt. Hold the boss so that he is just outside the blue circle. The DPS will stand in the blue circle and fight the boss. There are two main mechanics…a shield throw, which is signaled by a red strip on the ground, and a jump that is signaled by a red circle on the ground. Both hit very hard. Roll dodge out of the red. You have plenty of warning.

Adds also spawn at regular intervals. The first set of adds can be taken down in any order. After the first set, there are casters that need to be interrupted and taken out immediately. When adds spawn, stop DPSing the boss and focus on the adds.

At approximately 70%, the boss will smash a statue, this destroys the blue circle. At this point, the group should spread out. The tank should try to hold the boss on the pedestal. He will move to conduct his attacks, but ultimately go back.

If you lose the DPS race, a large amount of adds come out and wipe the group.

At approximately 45-50%, if you are in the ulti rotation, stop using your ulti.
At 35%, the boss will move to the pedestal and draw his sword. BLOCK. He is going to do a knockback attack. This starts the second phase of the fight. It turns into a mechanics based fight now.

Right after this attack, he is going to stick his sword into the ground, you will see a red strip on the ground. If you are in the strip, you will die, so roll dodge out of it.

Along with that attack, there are 2 other main attacks during the burn phase:

A Jump: similar to the first part of the fight, except it one shots you now, and

A Cleave: He will turn around and swing his sword, if you are behind him, you are one shot.

Then there is a special attack. His starfall. This is signaled when he holds his sword up over his head. It starts a massive AoE that will wipe the whole group without mitigation. How we handle this is the group stacks, we use an ulti to mitigate the damage, and healers spam healing springs. The group stacks on the pedestal. Right after this attack, he will have the sword to the ground attack. Dodge out of it. Generally, here is how the final phase plays out:

Normally there are 2 attacks followed by a starfall at the beginning of the phase…then 3 attacks followed by a starfall for the rest of the fight.

This phase is easy if you pay attention to the mechanics. If you are new to the fight, I recommend going ranged until you get the mechanics down, it is much easier to see and get the timing down.

The group balances survival with executing the boss, and then the trial is over.

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