The Elder Scrolls Online: Crown Crates

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Crown Crates are item bundles obtainable from the Crown Store containing four or five collectibles and utility items randomly chosen from a certain pool. Crown Crates are opened from the Crown Crate UI (default key: F3), which summons Pacrooti. Opening a Crate will result in Pacrooti dealing four (or rarely five) cards, which can then be turned over to reveal your rewards. The pool of possible rewards is called a “Season”, and these cycle quarterly.

Crates can be bought individually for 400 Crowns, in a pack of 4 for 1,500 Crowns, or in a pack of 15 for 5,000 Crowns.

Gem Extraction
Crown Gems Crown Gems can be used to buy Crate rewards directly from the Crown Store. They are treated as items by the UI when obtained, but will only show up in the Crown Store. There are two ways of obtaining Gems:

  • If a Crown Crate contains a collectible you already own, Crown Gems will automatically be extracted. You cannot, however, extract Gems from collectibles you don’t want.
  • Crown Gems can be extracted from unwanted consumables and furniture at any time through the Crown Crate UI. You can only extract consumables obtained via Crown Crates; identical items bought through the Crown Store cannot be converted.

Gems can then be spent in the Crown Store to obtain specific items from the current Season. These are divided into price tiers, as indicated below. Some items cannot be bought with Gems and must be obtained through Crates.

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