The Elder Scrolls Online: Crown Store

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The Crown Store is an in-game store which allows for the purchasing of exclusive content, such as items and DLC. Crowns Crowns are the currency required to buy things from the store, and can be purchased separately or obtained by paying for an ESO Plus subscription. There is no way to earn Crowns in-game.

Crowns and Crown Store items cannot be sold or transferred to other accounts.

If you have an account on both megaservers, you will be able to use your Crowns on both servers; however, any items purchased will remain on the server that they were purchased on.

The Crown Store has new items added monthly. The items may have themes: if there is a DLC based on Daedra, for example, then there may be items in the shop that are Daedric-themed. Items in the Crown Store have a “preview” function, so that you can see what an item looks like with your character before purchasing it.

Obtaining Crowns
Crowns can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Purchased on the store:
    • 750 for $7.99 USD
    • 1500 for $14.99 USD
    • 3000 for $24.99 USD
    • 5500 for $39.99 USD
    • 14000 for $99.99 USD
    • 21000 for $149.99 USD
  • Having an ESO Plus subscription; 1500 crowns per month are given at the start of the subscription period
  • 500 Crowns are given to all accounts with a copy of the game, whether they were created prior to or after the addition of the Crown Store
  • Winning official contests or attending certain conventions

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