The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons

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Dungeons by Faction
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There are 20 Group Dungeons, one in each of the game’s 19 zones. These are designed to be explored with a group of 4 players maximum. The enemies inside will be of a much greater difficulty than those in Public Dungeons, and unless you are in a group, you’ll be facing them by yourself, because these dungeons are instanced—meaning you won’t see anyone not grouped with you when you enter.

Twelve Group Dungeons also have Veteran Dungeon variants. These become available once you hit level 50 and can start exploring Veteran content. These usually use the same, or similar maps, but with different, higher level enemies. They are understandably much more difficult, and can earn you numerous Veteran Dungeon Achievements. The quests in Veteran Dungeons continue the storyline established previously in the Normal level Group Dungeons.

These dungeons can be added to your map by talking to members of the Undaunted in the taverns of the major cities of each zone, and can then be teleported to directly from the Wayshrine fast-travel system. All Group Dungeons can be discovered this way, making them the only places within other Alliance territories that you can visit before reaching Level 50. If you have not previously discovered a particular dungeon, the wayshrine for that dungeon will be added to your map upon acceptance of the corresponding pledge.

Min Level refers to the minimum level of enemies within the dungeon, and therefore the recommended minimum level of entry. Note however that it is still possible to enter before this level. When entering a dungeon, all enemies, minibosses and bosses will be scaled to match the level of the group leader. If the leader is below the minimum level of that dungeon, all enemies will be at the minimum level for that particular dungeon.

Aldmeri Dominion
Zone Dungeon Req’d Level
Auridon The Banished Cells I 10 – Champion Points160
The Banished Cells II 41 – Champion Points160
Grahtwood Elden Hollow I 14 – Champion Points160
Elden Hollow II 37 – Champion Points160
Greenshade City of Ash I 20 – Champion Points160
City of Ash II 44 – Champion Points160
Malabal Tor Tempest Island 26 – Champion Points160
Reaper’s March Selene’s Web 34 – Champion Points160
Daggerfall Covenant
Zone Dungeon Req’d Level
Glenumbra Spindleclutch I 10 – Champion Points160
Spindleclutch II 40 – Champion Points160
Stormhaven Wayrest Sewers I 16 – Champion Points160
Wayrest Sewers II 38 – Champion Points160
Rivenspire Crypt of Hearts I 22 – Champion Points160
Crypt of Hearts II 43 – Champion Points160
Alik’r Desert Volenfell 28 – Champion Points160
Bangkorai Blackheart Haven 30 – Champion Points160
Ebonheart Pact
Zone Dungeon Req’d Level
Stonefalls Fungal Grotto I 10 – Champion Points160
Fungal Grotto II 39 – Champion Points160
Deshaan Darkshade Caverns I 12 – Champion Points160
Darkshade Caverns II 42 – Champion Points160
Shadowfen Arx Corinium 18 – Champion Points160
Eastmarch Direfrost Keep 24 – Champion Points160
The Rift Blessed Crucible 32 – Champion Points160
Zone Dungeon Req’d Level
Coldharbour Vaults of Madness 36 – Champion Points160
Imperial City
Zone Dungeon Req’d Level
Cyrodiil White-Gold Tower 10 – Champion Points160
Imperial City Prison 10 – Champion Points160
Shadows of the Hist
Zone Dungeon Req’d Level
Shadowfen Cradle of Shadows 10 – Champion Points160
Ruins of Mazzatun 10 – Champion Points160
Zone Dungeon Req’d Level
Summerset Cloudrest 10 – Champion Points160

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