The Elder Scrolls Online: Transmutation Crystals

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Transmutation Crystals Transmutation Crystals are a type of Currency and 50 Transmutation Crystals are used to change the traits of armour and weapons to a trait previously researched for that item at a Transmutation Station. Players can bank up to 200 Transmute Crystals per account they are bound to the account.

Guaranteed Drops

  • Alliance War Campaign End Rewards
  • Arena, Trial, and Battlegrounds Leaderboards
  • Random Daily Activity Finder (First activity completed per day)
  • Rewards for the Worthy (First per day)
  • Trial Weekly Quests
  • Undaunted Pledges
  • Veteran Dragonstar Arena
  • Veteran Maelstrom Arena

Potential Drops

  • Dungeon Master Boss
  • Random Daily Activity Finder (after first activity)
  • Rewards for the Worthy (after first reward)

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